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We can help your business with standard and custom glassware. Our customers particularly value our expertise in scientific glass blowing and volumetric glassware calibration. Take a look at what our customers say. Many clients Visit our Shopreduce the time and costs of their processes (and glassware) by using our custom laboratory glassware service.View our product range and visit our online shop to purchase standard laboratory glassware products. Whatever you are looking for, from a measuring cylinder, volumetric flask or pharmacy measure to a separation funnel or burette, we can help.We manufacture and supply scientific laboratory glassware for companies and distributors in the UK and worldwide, as well as products for a diverse range of manufacturers.Our scientific lab glass products are typically used by the pharmaceutical, dairy, sugar, education and oil and gas markets.Custom Glassware

Why use Jaytec Glass?

You can benefit from our unbeatable combination of products, services and skills:

  • No minimum orders
  • Short lead times and competitive prices because we control the whole production process in-house
  • Friendly, knowledgeable team that understand your requirements
  • Calibration of glassware – new and existing items to any standard with certificates of accuracy.

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