Wakefield Glass is now part of Jaytec Glass

Wakefield (Pharmaceutical Glass) is a manufacturer of glass droppers and pipette assemblies.We produce a range of glass pipettes and dropper assemblies using natural rubber teats and caps to fit GL18 European bottles and UK Winchester bottles. We also produce custom pipettes: printed pipettes, ball end pipettes, drawn jet pipettes and customer specified shapes to order.. Pharmacists, herbalists, aromatherapists and chemists use our droppers for dispensing oils, essences, tinctures and solutions.

Wakefield’s is now a part of Jaytec Glass Limited. Please use the contact us form for any product enquiries.

Pipette Assemblies Dropping Pipettes Graduated Pipettes
Dropping Pipette Assembly, bent ball pipette, 4.5mm OD, with teat and cap Dropping Pipette, Teated, Graduated at 0.5ml and 1ml, 75ml Dropping Pipette Assembly, bent ball pipette, graduated, with teat and cap.

Plain PipettesStraight ball end pipettesBent ball end pipettesStraight drawn end pipettesBent drawn end pipettes

Blunt end pipettes

Pipette BulbsNatural rubberNitrile rubberChlorobutyl rubber ClosuresR3/20 for Winchester BottlesGL18 for European BottlesWith tamper evident seals