Bilbate Ltd – The Specialist Manufacturer of Precision Laboratory Glassware

A Tradition of Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing using Bilbate's purpose built machines
Manufacturing using Bilbate’s purpose built machines

Bilbate manufactures high quality glass disposables. It specialises in two main areas. Precision capillary tubes that are used for a wide variety of scientific applications including blood testing and micro-pipetting and disposable glass pipettes that are used in research laboratories for clean transfer of liquids.

We are pleased to announce that Bilbate has now been acquired by Jaytec Glass Ltd. All Bilbate products are now manufactured at our

Colour-Coded Spirocap Glass Capillaries
Colour-Coded Spirocap Glass Capillaries

Hastings plant. Jaytec Glass has extensive experience in automated glass forming, and we are very glad to be able to offer the Bilbate range of products to extend our range of scientific glass consumables and disposables.

Quality Comes First

All our products are manufactured to the relevant ISO or British Standard and Jaytec Glass Ltd is an ISO:9001 registered company.

Custom Specials

In addition to the standard ranges detailed on this website, Bilbate offer a ‘Specials’ service. Through this we provide variants of standard products and fully bespoke items to meet specialist and new customer needs. Please contact us for any assistance you may require in a new project.

ISO 9001