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  • Produlab Pharma saves over 2 hours per day by using custom calibrated flasks from Jaytec Glass in its laboratory. Read more below or download the case studyVolumetric Flask as a PDF.

More case studies will be added soon.

How to increase your profitability with custom glassware

Produlab Pharma saves over 2 hours per day by using custom calibrated flasks from Jaytec Glass in its veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory.
Jaytec Glass were the only company that immediately understood Produlab

Produlab Pharma

Pharma’s requirements and could manufacture the flasks in a range from 2ml to 1 litre. Jaytec also provided specification alternatives to achieve their levels of accuracy, a choice of graduation colour and certificates of accuracy traceable to national standards.

Save over 2 hours per day

Pascal Rompa, Laboratory Manager, said “We save over 2 hours per day by reducing a three-step process to just one! We have also saved on glassware purchases and reduced cleaning time, costs and contamination risks.”

James Bartleet, MD of Jaytec Glass said “We are delighted to use our expertise to help Pascal. We give our customers cost-effective products in short lead times because we control the whole production process.”

Payback in just one month

Produlab Pharma has been amazed at the extent of the time and cost benefits. The company has saved the equivalent of a part-time job. Pascal added “The payback

Payback in just one month

on the custom flasks has been achieved within one month. We continue to order from Jaytec Glass and highly recommend them.”

Find out how Jaytec’s scientific glassware solutions can improve your profitability today by calling James Bartleet on +44 (0) 1424 424181 or contact us.

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