Specialists in Calibrated Scientific Glassware

Custom Laboratory Glassware

You may be surprised to discover that you can save time and money with custom laboratory glassware.   Here are some examples of how custom calibrated glassware increases profitability:

  • One of our lab customers is saving 2 hours per day with custom flasks that had a payback period of just one month. See case study
  • Another client is saving 170 hours a year with bespoke calibrated beakers and spending less on glassware by using one custom product rather than two standard products. This solution was identified during a free lab glassware Custom Laboratory Glasswaresavings review
  • A manufacturing company is now using a custom glassware item that has saved their customer £6000 by enabling them to produce an instrument that is now far smaller in size and weight
  • Additional benefits include increased accuracy, reduced cleaning time and fewer contamination risks.

We can manufacture any laboratory glass or other calibrated glassware product to your specification. It may be a slight variation on a standard item or a tailored custom glass solution for your business.

Do you have steps in your procedures that could be eliminated by simply having a beaker or pipette with a particular volume marked on it? How many hours a year would that save?

The process for ordering bespoke glassware is quick and simple…
find out more.

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