How to order custom glassware

To request a quote for custom glassware simply contact us today with a sketch or

Custom Glassware

detailed specification. There is no minimum order. The average lead time for custom glass is 2 weeks and with our accelerated service less than 1 week.

We can assist with developing your custom product if required:

    • we have helped clients with modifications to height, width and wall thickness for maximum accuracy, robustness and ease of handling
    • we can tailor the colour and scale of graduations and apply personalised labels to any glassware
    • we are also experts in volumetric glassware calibration to any standard and supply certificates of accuracy.

If you would like help to identify any custom glassware opportunities that will save time and money in your lab, take advantage of our free lab review.

Read our customer testimonials about the benefits of their custom calibrated scientific glassware.



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