Specialists in calibrated scientific glassware

Laboratory Glassware

Jaytec Glass provide standard scientific glassware and custom glassware. We are Jaytec Glass provide standard scientific glassware and custom glassware.specialists in volumetric glassware calibration.Descriptions of our main product ranges are provided below and our catalogue contains images and prices.Please visit our online shop to purchase standard lab glassware products or contact us with your order.Many clients use our custom laboratory glassware service to produce bespoke products that enable them to reduce the time and costs of their processes.

General Volumetric Glassware
Measuring Cylinders
Hydrometer Jars
Volumetric Flasks
Automatic Burettes
Bulb Pipettes
Measuring Pipettes
Separating Funnels
Dropping Funnels

Milk & Dairy Products
Milk & Cream Pipettes
Mojonnier Pipettes
Mojonnier Flasks
Cryoscope tubes
Reductase Tubes
Solubility Index Tubes
Creamline Tubes
Babcock Bottles
Cream Weighing Funnels
Irish standards

Oil Test Glassware
Distillate Receivers
Centrifuge Tubes
Dean & Stark Receivers
Sulphonation Flasks
Flasks with Graduated Necks
Density Bottles/Pyknometers

Industry Glassware
Sugar Flasks
Brewers Mash Flasks
Schopper Riegler Jar
Gammon Morgan Cylinder
Thistle Funnels
Glass Adaptors
Stirring Rods
Nessler Cylinders
Gas Test Burettes
Gas Sampling Tubes

Metrology Glassware
Optic Measures
Average System Measures
Trading Standard Test Measures

Educational Glassware
Combustion Tubes
Ganongs Respirometer
Gas Measuring Tube
Hoffman Voltameter

Pharmacy Measures
Conical Measures
Cylinder Measures
Bell Measures
Beaker Measures

Rain Gauge Measures
Tapered Base
MO Pattern

Medical/Health Glassware
Dropping Pipettes
Pasteur Pipettes

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