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Burettes, Class B, All PTFE Key Stopcock

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 385: 2005. Precision Bore Borosilicate Glass, Interchangeable All PTFE Stopcocks.

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Product Capacity Graduations Tolerance
Code ml ml ± ml
WJ.955 10 0.02 0.05
WJ.956 10 0.05 0.05
WJ.957 25 0.05 0.05
WJ.958 25 0.10 0.10
WJ.959 50 0.10 0.10
WJ.960 100 0.20 0.20
WJ.961* 50 0.10 0.10

* With enamel back


Class B, Borosilicate Glass, Graduated Stem Only

Product Capacity Graduations Tolerance
Code ml ml ± ml
WJ.967 10 0.02 0.05
WJ.968 10 0.05 0.05
WJ.969 25 0.05 0.05
WJ.970 25 0.10 0.10
WJ.971 50 0.10 0.10
WJ.972 100 0.20 0.20

Stopcocks and Accessories

Code Description
WJ.920 Stopcock complete with Drawn Jet
WJ.923 Holding Collar, Black, package of 10
WJ.924 Key retaining “O” Ring, package of 10
WJ.925 Screw Lock Nut, package of 10
LK.926 Black Spanner, package of 10
GJ.927 Glass Jet, package of 5


Burette, All PTFE Stopcock, Grade B, 50ml

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