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Dropping Funnel

Type 4, Glass Key
Type 4, PTFE Key
Type 5, Graduated, Glass Key

Type 5, Graduated, PTFE Key
Open Top, Glass Key
Open Top, PTFE Key
With Equalising Side Arms, PTFE Key
With Equalising Side Arms, Graduated, PTFE Key

The links above show our list range of dropping funnels which can be bought online. We can manufacture any other size to order. Please send an enquiry stating the size and style required and we will reply, usually within 24 hours, with a quote. Custom items normally take 1-2 weeks to manufacture.

Usage Guide

Dropping Funnels are used to add a liquid to a mixture. They can

Dropping Funnel, Glass Key, Graduated, 100ml

also be used as a separating funnel if needed.

Glass keys are the traditional type, now mostly superseded by PTFE. Some users prefer them because they are harder wearing and easier to control. The main drawback is that they can jam if left in place, and the grease used to lubricate them can contaminate the sample.

Graduated separating funnels can be used to estimate how much liquid is

being added. They are calibrated to 2% accuracy, and are not intended as a primary measure of volume.

Open top dropping funnels are useful for ease of refilling in situ.

Pressure equalising side arms allow a solvent to be added to a mixture in a sealed system.

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