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Volumetric Flask

Class B Volumetric Flask
Class A Volumetric Flask
Class A Volumetric Flask, Amberised

The links above show our list range of volumetric flasks which can be bought online. We can also manufacture any other size to order. Please send an enquiry stating the size colour and class required and we will reply, usually within 24 hours, with a quote. Custom items normally take 1-2 weeks to manufacture.

Volumetric Flask Use

Volumetric Flasks are used for making up solutions to a fixed volume. There are a Volumetric Flask, Class A, 500mlvariety of types and styles of volumetric flasks, and below is a brief guide to which is appropriate. Volumetric flask accuracy is listed in the tables above. We also provide a basic guide to using a volumetric flask

For basic measurement of liquids in qualitative work a Class B volumetric flask is sufficient. Typical applications might be making up stock solutions for qualitative and semi quantitive work. Suitable also for basic quantitative work such as practicals in education. Used in schools, universities and research laboratories.

For making up quantitive solutions where precision is important a Class A volumetric flask is appropriate. Class A volumetric flasks are calibrated to half the tolerance of Class B and each has a unique serial number for traceability. A certificate of accuracy traceable to national standards can be provided if required. Class A volumetric flasks are used in analytical labs, quantative labs, and other controlled environments. They are not suitable for work which requires accuracy of less than 0.1%. For that a gravimetric method (0.0001%+) should be used.

Amber Flasks are used for making up solutions where the solution is light sensitive. We only supply these to Class A standard.

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