Specialists in Calibrated Scientific Glassware

Trading Standards Measure

Manufactured in borosilicate glass with enamel markings. Each item is serial numbered and certificates are available on reqest. Manufactured to conform with Weights and Measures Act 1985.

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Product Tolerance
Code Capacity ± ml
TM.410 25 0.12
TM.411 50 0.15
TM.412 100 0.20
TM.413 125 0.25
TM.414 150 0.30
TM.415 175 0.35
TM.416 200 0.40
TM.417 250 0.40
TM.418 500 0.50
TM.419 1000 1.00
TM.420 2000 1.00
TM.421 5000 2.50
TM.422 10000 5.00

Usage Guide

These items are used in metrology for the rapid and accurate dispensing of an aliquot of water for checking the volume of containers.

Trading Standards Test Measure, 50ml

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