Butyrometers and Pipettes to Irish Standard

Manufactured according to IS.66, IS.68 and IS.69 out of soda glass.

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Code Description
MP.674 IS.69, 3gr, Cheese, 40% x 1%
MP.675 IS.68, 5gr, Cream, 70% x 1%
*MP.676 IS.66, Milk, 7% x 0.1%, 10.8ml
*MP.677 IS.66, Milk, 8% x 0.1%, 10.8ml
MP.678 IS.66, Milk Pipette, Tol ± 0.03ml, 10.8ml

*Round Stem only; this size is not listed in the Irish Standard

Usage Guide

Butyrometers are used to determine the fat content of dairy samples. The product is treated with concentrated sulphuric acid to disrupt the emulsion. The resulting mixture is centrifuged in the butyrometer and the fat content read directly off the scale. These butyrometers are manufactured to Irish Standards, which differ from BS.696 both in the sample sizes used and the assumed density of fat.
Butyrometer, 3gr, Cheese, 40% x 1%

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