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Milk and Cream Pipettes

These blowout pipettes have extremely large size jets for use with thick liquids. The last drop left in the jet must be blown-out except where shown. Manufactured out of soda glass.

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Product Capacity Tolerance
Code ml Description ┬▒ ml
MP.679 1 One Mark 0.02
MP.680 1 / 1.1 Two Mark 0.02
MP.681 0.5 / 1 Two Mark 0.02
MP.682 1 / 2 Two Mark 0.04
MP.683 2 One Mark 0.04
MP.684 5 One Mark 0.08
MP.685 10 One Mark 0.15
MP.686 5 / 10 Two Mark 0.15
MP.687 1 Amyl Alcohol 0.05
*MP.688 10.94 Milk, BS.696 0.03
*MP.689 10 Sulphuric Acid, BS.696 0.05
*MP.700 17.6 One Mark, BS.696 0.05
MP.703 5 gram Cream (double bulb), BS.755 0.05

* Not to be blown-out

Usage Guide

A milk or cream pipette is used for measuring an aliquot of dairy product for testing. These have largely been superseded by automated machines, but are still used occasionally for testing equipment.Milk Pipette, Irish, One Mark, 10.8ml

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