Dean and Stark Receiver

Manufactured according to BS.756 out of borosilicate glass.

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Product Capacity Graduations Tolerance
Code ml ml Class ± ml
BJ.637 2 0.05 A 0.02
WJ.638 2 0.05 B 0.04
BJ.638 5 0.10 A 0.04
BJ.639 7.5 0.10 A 0.04
WJ.640 7.5 0.10 B 0.08
*BJ.641 10 0.10 A 0.06
*WJ.642 10 0.10 B 0.12
BJ.643 25 0.10 A 0.10
WJ.644 25 0.10 B 0.20
*BJ.645 25 0.10 A 0.10
*WJ.646 25 0.20 B 0.20

* with stopcock

Usage Guide

Dean and Stark condensers are used to separate and measure the volume of water produced in a reaction or present in a mixture. The lower groDean and Stark Receivers, Type 1, Class A, 10mlund glass joint is fitted to a flask containing the reactants and an organic solvent. A liebig condenser is fitted on the upper joint. The mixture is refluxed and the water separates from the solvent and collects in the receiver. The volume of water can be read off the scale without dismantling the reaction. BJ.641, WJ.642, BJ.645 and WJ.646 have a stopcock at the bottom of the receiver to remove the water.

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