Density Bottles/Pyknometers

Type 1, Lipkin
Type 2, Sprengel
Type 3, Gay-Lussac, Adjusted
Type 3, Gay-Lussac, Unadjusted
Type 4 Reischauer
Type 5 Hubbard
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Pynknometers are used for determining the specific gravity of a liquid. Type 3 to 5 are also known as density bottles. There are a number of different styles and types listed above. We routinely only supply the Gay-Lussac type 3, but can supply the others if required. PleaseĀ contact us for details.

Usage Guide

All Pynknometers require calibrating before use. Details of how this should be done can be found in BS 733:Part 2:1987

For basic measurement of specific gravities in qualitative work an unadjusted

50ml Density Bottle

density bottle is sufficient. Typical usage might be measurement of volume of salt/water or solvent/water mixures to derive the ratio of the mixture. Used in schools, universities and research laboratories.

For more accurate measurement of liquid an adjusted density bottle is appropriate. Adjusted density bottles are calibrated to a tolerance and each has a unique serial number for traceability. A certificate of accuracy traceable to national standards can be provided if required. Adjusted density bottles are used in analytical labs, in breweries for measuring alcohol content, and other controlled environments.

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