Rain Gauge Measure, Cylindrical

Manufactured out of soda glass.

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Product Rainfall & Tolerance
Code Description Funnel Size ± mm
WJ.722 Economy, Flat base 10 mm for 5″ 0.1
WJ.724 Standard, Flat base 1/2″ for 5″ 0.01
WJ.725 Flat base 10 mm for 8″ 0.01
WJ.726 Flat base 50 mm for 5″ 0.01

Usage GuideRain Guage Measure, Cylindrical, 10mm for 8 inches

Rain Gauge measures are used to estimate the rainfall collected from a standard rain gauge. The collected precipitation is poured into the measure and the rainfall in mm is read off the measure. Most rain gauges have a standard 5″ diameter (127mm) funnel to collect the precipitation. It is important to use a measure calibrated for the right funnel size as shown in the table above.

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